Alain de Bottons Sermon on Religion for Atheists

Alain de Botton On Religion for Atheists from The School of Life on Vimeo.

Today, I watched this ‘sermon’ of Alain de Botton, where he teaches us to look at the good things we can learn from religions, even if we do not believe in God. This cermon was an initiative of The School Of Life which I find a very interesting discovery on the web.

Around the beginning of this school year, I attended to a presentation from the teacher of my 10 years old son about the subjects that will be a part of this years curriculum. When I asked them: “What are you going to teach the children about religion?” the teacher replied that this was a secular, public school and that for that reason, they did not teach them a lot about the different religions. I think that even if you are not a believer in all the dogmas of a religion, that does not mean that you cannot learn from the scriptures or teachings of that church. Even if you do not believe in God at all, there is still a lot to learn from religious thought, ceremonies, art and spirituality. We should teach our children that, of all the main religions, also on the so called secular schools.

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