The Next Large Civilization Stage? The Internet

Courtesy of Leo Koolhoven
Courtesy of Leo Koolhoven

Below are, as I see them, the phases of civilization of humans, from 12,500 years ago until the next 200 years. I see five phases, although there might be more later on.

1. Villages
12,500 years ago, in the Holocene age, the Agricultural Revolution happened. People invented how to domesticate plants (crops) and animals. Agriculture evolved. People settled in houses and started to live in villages for the first time.

2. Cities and states
After that roughly 6,000 years ago, the Secondary Products Revolution took place, where crafts and commerce originated. People made products from the domesticated plants and animals. After that, the first cities were built.

3. Discovery, travel
Then, the age of discovery, where people travelled and inhabited the world. In this age, the world’s seas and oceans were crossed by explorers. Colonies where concurred and occupied. Global trade originated.

4. Urbanisation
In recent history, man moved en masse from the rural villages to the cities. In 2050, more than 60% of man will live in cities. We now live in the age of Anthropocene, because man has severely impacted the earth and the atmosphere.

5. The Global Network
The next phase in settlement: the Internet and the future social media. Although physically, people do not migrate, but their consciousness and senses will be connected to The Global Network, in something that will be future of social media. Therefore, I see the Internet as the next big civilization phase.