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Longform interview (podcast) with Cal Fussman

I enjoy almost all the podcast episodes with Tim Ferriss, but one of the most recent, with Cal Fussman, was an absolute delight to listen to. Cal is a great story teller.

He speaks about his encounters with Muhammad Ali, that I found endearing. Also Cal and Tim talk about interviewing styles and writing.

Sheer enjoyment, thanks Tim and Cal!


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Follow-up On Work The System

Cover of The Systems Mindset

Sam Carpenter is the author of the terrific book Work The System. I wrote about it here. The content was mainly about business, so about the running of a company using standardized procedures.

Now, Sam has published a follow-up, which centers around your personal life. Is is called The Systems Mindset and is available for free here.

I highly recommend it, I will write a review of this inspiring book later.

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Linux history command with searchable comments

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